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Psychics and New Age Gems in Fort Lauderdale

Psychics and New Age Gems in Fort Lauderdale

  Fort Lauderdale is a bit of a psychic center in Florida and  home to several different spiritual organizations and meet up groups including  ones for Rosicrucians, Kabbalah, Tantra, The Law of Attraction, TAO, Osho  Meditation, Buddhist meditation, chancellors, card readers and much more. It is  also home to the Fort Lauderdale for Spiritual Living that makes communicating  with God and the angels a special focus.
  One especially beautiful place in Fort Lauderdale is the Big  Cypress Seminole Reservation which is a natural preserve full of beautiful  trees that recognizes the area as the former native land of the Seminole  Indians. It is the perfect place to commune with nature spirits or go on a  vision quest.
  This city is also known for its many new age gemstone stores  that sell coral, moonstone and other psychic stones that are used for trance  channeling, money drawing and healing. Every year the International Gem and  Jewelry Show is held at the War Memorial Auditorium. There are also several  other events held by the Jewelry, Bead and Gem show.
  If you enjoy the paranormal you will be pleased to know that  there are several Fort Lauderdale ghost tours available for visitors to take  part in.  One of the most famous ghosts  inhabits the front window of the Las Olas Hotel. The ghost presses his face and  palms against the glass and scares passerbys.   A little six year old girl with curly hair, presumably a spirit is also  often seen looking out one of the top windows of this building which is along  the Riverwalk as well.
The sunny coastal city is also home to the Florida Ghost  Team Inc. which is a famous Florida Ghost Team that has been specializing in  Paranormal Research and Investigations since 2003.